Quality Management Consulting

Syngenity® provides solutions for ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certification, management system assessment and improvement. Our consultants have cross-industry experience and training in quality management. Safe handling of ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and understanding of quality assurance are a matter of course. We identify requirements, determine risks, describe processes, create necessary documentation and evaluate your quality management system through key figures, audits and assessments.

The aim is to demonstrably improve product and service quality as well as customer satisfaction. Gain not only the certificate, but practical benefits and added value in your organization through our cooperation.

Quality Management Representative (QMB) as a Service

The Quality Management Representative (QMB) – the top management representative – still plays one of the most important roles in the quality management system. He is a link between all processes and departments and communicates with managers at eye level. He usually reports directly to top management, as he acts on their behalf. Thus, he must be equipped with the expertise and competence to intervene in processes that lead to quality problems. Syngenity® offers the QMB as a Service role for companies that cannot provide this expertise themselves. The responsibilities of a QMB include ensuring that the QM system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, monitoring all processes in the company, and reporting the performance of the QM system to management. He is responsible for initiating and maintaining the continuous improvement process, training employees, analyzing errors, developing measures and keeping quality statistics, and monitoring complaints and their handling;

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Our QMB as a Service services


Rely on our experienced quality management experts to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards. As external quality management representatives, we accompany you in the implementation of quality requirements and ensure the corresponding documentation.

Risk Management

We identify and analyze quality management risks through regular audits and early remediation of weaknesses.


We promote the awareness of your employees for a quality-conscious approach through targeted training.


As an external quality management representative, we clarify quality management issues and provide support in communicating with relevant stakeholders.

Kick Off

Introduction round with definition of the goals and analysis of the current status, in order to adapt the consultation appealingly to the previous knowledge.


We present you our prefabricated documents, which serve as a guide and support you in the implementation of the QMS. Which you then adapt to your company.


The documents you have customized will be reviewed according to the valid requirements.


We support you in the implementation of requirements such as the creation of processes, the implementation of management assessments and the sensitization of your employees in the area of quality management.

Internal audit

In the internal audit, we check your QMS according to the requirements in order to identify potential weaknesses at an early stage and to eliminate them through appropriate measures.

Process steps

Quality Management Consulting

Rely on our expertise and years of experience to achieve the highest quality standards. We accompany you in setting up your company in the best possible way and ensuring that all requirements are met. Our expertise helps you minimize potential risks and optimize your processes for outstanding quality.

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